A MATTER OF WAR AND PEACE: Should Bloggers design well?

George Berkeley said, ‘To be is to be perceived’. As a blogger and hence a constituent of the public sphere, I ennoble myself with the task of facilitating the perception of Truth. Truth is vulnerable to perception, which in turn, is vulnerable to infinite properties through which it is presented to human cognition (Hodder, 1896). From salience, colour, perspective, to layout and framing, personal decisions are at stake. These decisions, conceived collectively,

Hussain, a roadside artist in Pakistan

can determine war and peace, and hence the worth of mankind. Empowered by the functionality of the Internet, it is crucial to mediate between deontological ethics and consequentialism. While proclaiming the truth without regarding the consequences that might befall exposed subjects, we must also regard the consequences of our adding too much personal stance in the presentation of truth. Essentially, if you perceive yourself as ennobled to sustain the public sphere, you should design your blog well to capture mass attention to the Truth. If you are not, there is no obligation to.



1) Hodder, A., 1896, ‘Truth and the tests of truth’,  The Philosophical Review, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1 – 23, viewed 14 November 2011, < http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.taylors.edu.my/stable/pdfplus/2176102.pdf?acceptTC=true>


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